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City Range Paris

Channel the romance of Paris in the comfort of your home as you sip un petit peu of our new Tassimo limited edition coffee. Envision a sunny stroll along the river Seine, spend a leisurely afternoon at the magnificent Louvre, and take in the Eiffel Tower by night. Give yourself a little taste of ooh la la as you let the flavour of Paris carry you away…

City Range New York

Busy day at work? The Big Apple is closer than you think… A taste of Tassimo’s New York coffee flavour will tell a tale of big city life with all its hustle and bustle. Feel the excitement of Times Square and Broadway. Imagine the wind in your hair as you tour the Hudson on a ferry boat. Or feel the sun on your face as you people-watch in Central Park. Now the flavour of NYC is within reach without even leaving the office.

City Range Barcelona

The new Barcelona Tassimo coffee deliver the cool, laid-back mood of the Mediterranean city straight to your taste buds. Drink in the aroma of the Spanish Mediterranean as you daydream of tapas picnics in the park, rejuvenating naps on the Barcelona beach, and the breathtaking views of the city below. Discover Barcelona with a Tassimo twist, and once your cup is empty, you can start the whole adventure all over again at the touch of a button.

City Range Milano

Soak up the rich history and culture of Italy with a coffee inspired by one of its oldest cities: Milan. Our limited edition Milano coffee invokes memories of Da Vinci’s art and architecture, Verdi’s music at La Scala Opera, and dozens of breathtaking churches and cathedrals. Milan also has a modern metropolitan side, mirrored perfectly in the deep flavours of a cup of Milano espresso. Saluti!