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Top 3 fun Easter activities

Egg hunting

Nobody knows the Easter Bunny's true origin story, but one thing is certain: he’s already hopping around, delivering colourful eggs. Why not lend him a helping hand and organise your own Easter egg hunt? Kids love the challenge and excitement of the hunt and can get quite competitive about the fullest basket and best searching skills. Buying chocolate eggs at the shop is the easiest way to do things. Another fun option is to paint and decorate hard-boiled eggs in happy colours. It makes for a fun Easter activity for the whole family and might even launch a new family tradition! If the weather matches the cheerful mood of the Easter holiday, hide the eggs in your garden. It’s more fun, and you will avoid a messy house!


Exploring your family's eating habits

It's not often that you get the chance to sit down for a sumptuous and elaborate breakfast with your family. Easter brunch is the perfect opportunity to observe and identify everyone's eating habits. Find out once and for all if your aunt is addicted to chocolate and try to determine who is the health nut of the family!


There are roughly six different types of eaters:

  • The emotional eater
  • The habitual eater
  • The sensual eater
  • The critical eater
  • The conscious eater
  • The energetic eater


Which of these types matches your eating personality? Ask your family members what they think!


Coffee tasting

While the children are busy getting hopped up on Easter sweets, a coffee tasting is a great activity for the adults. Sneak a few chocolate eggs as you settle into the smell and taste of a good cup of coffee. Many people love a cup of coffee with breakfast, but we tend to stick with one type of coffee. It's a shame to be such creatures of habit since there’s so much flavour out there to choose from! Expand your taste with Tassimo Kenco Pure Colombian coffee T-discs, for example. They're made with a fruity and balanced blend of Colombian Arabica beans.


If you'd like to stage your own coffee tasting at home, there are four steps to savouring the taste of coffee:

1. Smell: Aromas are crucial, so make you sure you give your coffee a good long smell.

2. Slurp: When tasting coffee (or any other drink), slurping allows flavours and aromas to spread across your entire palate.

3. Locate: Think about what you are experiencing in your mouth. What are the flavours doing? What is the mouthfeel of the coffee you're drinking?

4. Describe: This is the best part of a coffee tasting. Discuss with your fellow tasters how you would describe each type of coffee. Talk about the aroma, acidity, body and flavour, and try to find out what you love or dislike about each cup!


Add a playful touch to Easter breakfast and explore which kind of coffee you and your family love the most!


One final tip

Keep the kids happy with a cup of hot cocoa, made in a minute with Tassimo’s hot chocolate discs. The discs are available in a range of delicious flavours, like Oreo or Cadbury, so the children can even have a Tassimo tasting of their own!

Fun facts about Easter

Did you know that…

Easter is the oldest Christian holiday?

Most people start with the ears when eating a chocolate bunny? Only 10 percent of people start with the feet or tail.

Easter falls on a different Sunday every year? The date is based on the phases of the moon.

The largest chocolate egg was made in Italy in 2011 and weighed over 15 pounds?

It was a tradition in some countries to dye chicks for Easter?

Easter was probably named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eastre? Her symbols were the egg and the hare.

Over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are manufactured every year?



Enjoy our best Tassimo recipes at your Easter breakfast or lunch. We have quite some enjoyable recipes, actually 13 of them. Use these recipes for your coffee tasting activity.