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This TASSIMO offer is for those who need a TASSIMO coffee brewer. It may be your first one, or your second or… but while you are at it, this TASSIMO pods offer is here for you. A coffee maker by Bosch and a set of the finest TASSIMO T-discs for a very nice price. Bosch is one of the manufacturers that make perfect TASSIMO brewers. In fact, the brand does not need any introduction. It is a worldwide all times favorite for many kitchen appliances. The elegant machine is a feast for the eye. And the machine makes the perfect TASSIMO drink you are looking for.

Maintaining the friendship

TASSIMO loves the fact that you are loving TASSIMO. That’s why we intend to keep you a happy coffee drinker all through the year. From time to time we have something special for you. An offer you can’t refuse, a little extra of this or that… They say small gifts maintain the friendship. And if your friendship brings you to buying another brewer, we sure are happy as can be!

All TASSIMO coffee brewers are manufactured by Bosch, a world-renowned brand, and all you do is pop one of the discs in the machine. There are many flavours to choose from. The TASSIMO system reads the barcode on the TASSIMO pod and “orders” the machine to do just that what is written in the barcode. Thus, every drink you make with the coffee maker is an individual one, to your taste, with your personal touch. Set the intensity, strength and size of your drink just the way you like it, and there you go! You have your coffee shop favorites at the touch of a button.

New offers every time

TASSIMO offers come and go and may include different extras any time. It is up to you to decide when to jump at the opportunity. And don’t forget you can also make a perfect cup of tea with the TASSIMO machines, just the way you like your “cuppa”. With TASSIMO, you have technology at your fingertips. With the TASSIMO offers you have it for a great price!