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Cleaning Tassimo Fidelia T65+ - Learn how to clean Tassimo Fidelia

Clean your TASSIMO machine regularly to ensure that it continues to produce high quality drinks. Wipe the barcode scanner with a soft, damp cloth. The machine features an automatic cleaning cycle.

Amia cleaning

Read below to find out more about cleaning your machine.

  • cleaning step 1

    Step 1/11

    Remove the water tank and fill with cool, fresh water, up to the MAX mark. Only use uncarbonated, fresh water in your TASSIMO as the use of artificially or chemically softened water may damage your machine.
  • cleaning step 2

    Step 2/11

    Replace the water tank and push it firmly down into place.
  • cleaning step 3

    Step 3/11

    Remove the yellow Service T DISC from its compartment at the back of the machine.
  • cleaning step 4

    Step 4/11

    Open the brewing unit by lifting the handle and place the Service T DISC on the T DISC holder with the barcode facing down. Make sure that the flap of the T DISC is secured in the slot to the right. Close the brewing unit by pushing the lid down firmly until it audibly clicks into place.
  • cleaning step 5

    Step 5/11

    Select a large cup (min 200ml/8oz) and place it onto the cup stand.
  • cleaning step 6

    Step 6/11

    Press the Start/Stop button to start the cleaning cycle.
  • cleaning step 7

    Step 7/11

    The cleaning process starts and dispenses hot water into the cup.
  • cleaning step 8

    Step 8/11

    The cleaning cycle automatically stops when the process is complete. Empty the cup and repeat steps 4-8 as required.
  • cleaning step 9

    Step 9/11

    Open the brewing unit and remove the Service T DISC. Wipe down the brewing unit and barcode scanner with a soft, damp cloth.
  • cleaning step 10

    Step 10/11

    Store the Service T DISC in the compartment at the back of the machine.
  • cleaning end

    Step 11/11

    Your brewer has now been cleaned and is ready for use.